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Saturday, June 8, 2013

On to Herding

Tina entered Crickett, Kelby and Anna entered Arya and I entered Vullo and Spanky in the upcoming Herding Instinct Test in Shamong, NJ.

After all the rain, I was a bit worried we would all be covered in mud but, the place was pretty dry.  Crickett was up first and caught on quickly showing off her stuff.  With some nice words from those present, Crickett and Tina walked away with a new certificate...Herding Instinct Test passed!

Now she is PrideNJoyz Up All Night CGC, HIC!

Tina and Crickett won over the crowd (as usual) and showed them a Cane Corso is not an aggressive breed and can excel at many things beside guarding. She is really helping open people's eyes to our breed and I couldn't be more proud of all my puppy families for putting a positive spin on the Cane Corso. 

Next up was Spanky...she is a momma's girl through and through.  She smelled the sheep said "Hi" to all the people but, she decided herding sheep was not something she was interested in doing.  After some coaxing the encouraging, nothing.  LOL.  We will find what she enjoys but, it is not herding.  :)

Roby Giannuli, Vullo's breeder, is here for a few days and took Vullo in for his herding test.  No surprise, he did fantastic. To quote the evaluator, he has "a lot of prey drive but, will only herd for someone he respects."   He passed his HIC!

Now he is Ch Poseidon dell'Antiqua Apulia, TT, HIC!

After a little wait, Kelby and Anna showed up with Arya (Fuoco della Nevaia x PrideNJoyz Afterglow)after being stuck in Philly traffic (no surprise there!).  Arya was a little hesitant at first and tried to play with the sheep, which was cute.  Then with some running around a a few "good girl's" she was ready to go and did good.  Another HIC pass!

Now she is PrideNJoyz Stark Lady of Swords, HIC!

What's next?  Maybe CGC or RN...who knows...

A lot has been happening her at the PrideNJoyz family!

Only a few months since the last post and there is so much to tell. 

After Wally finished his AKC Championship he has been hanging at home relaxing.  He loves been Greg's buddy.

Nationals was hectic!  Had Jolayne here visiting from Canada, without Brinks, and Roby Giannuli from Antiqua Apulia kennel in Bari, Italy.  The few dogs entered performed well despite training. 

Now that busy season is over, we have ramped up dog season!  I entered Glow in her final Rally Novice test and hoped we would pass.  Of course,  Glow performed fantastic and we walked away with a 3rd place ribbon and a toy!  A big thank you to the Allentown Dog Training Club for putting on a well organized event!  The judge even complimented Glow and we finished her Rally Novice title!  Not too shabby for being away from rally for a few years.  :)

After Glow finished her RN title, I entered Inky in the Coursing Ability Test in Freehold, NJ.  I had a good feeling she would excel.  She loves to run, is fast as a greyhound and has good drive.  Tina and Crickett (Mar E Sol's Saggio x PrideNJoyz Aria) met us at the test.  At first Crickett preferred staying with mom, after a few minutes of working with her, she got the idea and even caught the lure!  Oops!  The club let her rerun and she ran the course to get her first leg of three for the Coursing Ability title!  Go Tina and Crickett!  Inky was incredible and after two easy runs on Saturday and one on Sunday, she completed her Coursing Ability title!  It was a super hot day and the dogs performed great and set very good examples for the breed.  I had a lot of fun hanging out with Tina and Crickett and look forward to the next time. 

Now we have:
G Ch PrideNJoyz Afterglow RN, CGC, TDI, HIC
PrideNJoyz The Fine Print CA

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Other 2013 Plans

We have decided this year to work more towards titles other than conformation titles.  Glow needs one leg to get her Rally Novice title and we are planning on getting a few of the younger dogs their CGC and RN titles this year.

We will see what happens...

2013 Breedings

We are planning to bred Glow to Daitan della Valle Dei Lord, owned by Dal Mare Cane Corso.  Glow tends to come in season at her own pace unfortunately.  We are estimating puppies around October or November. 

We are also potentially planning a dual sired litter with Inky the end of 2013.   We would like to breed her to Vullo and potentially another male and then place her in a pet home.  She has a wonderful, happy temperament.  We are sad that her bite went undershot beyond the standard.  We feel finding her a great pet home (after she has one litter...hopefully) where she can get all the love and attention she desires would be the greatest gift for her.   We realize that not all dogs were meant to be show dogs or turn out the way we hoped.  Rather than take the risk of her getting disqualified for her bite we feel she can hopefully bless us with fantastic puppies and retire.

New AKC Champion!

We are happy to announce in March, I think, Wally aka PrideNJoyz No Autographs Please, become a new AKC Champion with a major!  He is growing into a nice boy with an amazing body and bone. 

Thank you Ashley Cuzzolino for handling him and to all the judges who made it happen!

The end of busy season and Nationals

Now that busy season at work is over, I can catch up on some much needed website updates, updating the blog, playing with the dogs, and other things that get put off from January to April.

Busy season was hard on everyone this year.  The most trying times came right at the end of busy season.  The CCAA, AKC parent club, had their Nationals week from April 11-14th.  This was my first year with the club as Treasurer and I learned a lot.  It was a bit overwhelming.  The great news is that Roby Giannuli and Jolayne Moryski were coming to visit during Nationals!  Roby is from the kennel Antiqua Apulia in Bari, Italy and Jolayne is the owner of our very own Brinks who lives in Alberta, Canada.  It was great having them here to help and I wish I had more time to hang out with them.

Thursday after a long day of traveling on Wednesday for Roby, he was kind enough to take Vullo to the CCAA sponsored ATTS test.  ATTS is a test certified by the American Temperament Test Society.  Vullo passed with flying colors but, that isn't a surprise.  We already knew he is great.  :)  We did get a few nice photos of him from the test that I will be posting on his page.  As a favor to me, Roby volunteered to translate for FCI Judge Danilo Giorgio (IT) for the Breeders Cup.  The club had the great honor of having Danilo Giorgio and Sarka Bajerova, a well known and respected breeder of Cane Corso from Czech Republic here to judge some of the breeds top dogs/bitches.

Thursday night Jolayne arrived safely.  While I went to work on Friday, Jolayne and Roby took Vullo and Spanky to Nationals in Harrisburg, PA for written critiques from Danilo and Sarka.  I was very pleased with their comments.  Overall Danilo gave Vullo and Excellent and Sarka gave him a Very Good.  Both liked Spanky but noted she needed more bone and hoped her topline would firm up around as she got old but gave her very good remarks.

Saturday night was the banquet and all three of us went with Oz, Arya (Fuoco x Glow pup) and Vullo in tow for Sundays show.  The banquet was a lot of fun and met lots of other Corso lovers. 

Sunday everyone did their best.  We didn't walk away with any prizes but I was very proud.  We were happy to support the club. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Looks like I need to do a 6 month update...

The puppies are growing up so fast now.  Just hit the 6 month mark and I am super pleased with them so far.  Brinks has been out practicing at some dog shows in Canada.  Wally has moved to my father's house where the two of them are buddies.  Spanky from the Glow x Fuoco litter is staying here.  We hope she will be a nice show dog in the future but, only time will tell. 

The kennels have been winterized and rewinterized until we get a set plan on what works and what doesn't here.  The rain is a killer. 

We had a puppy family playdate a few weeks ago and some of the local families were able to attend at short notice.  It was a fun time.  We will definitely be planning another one soon. 

Today, I took a few of the dogs to a local health clinic to get some tests updated and get some testing started.  I couldn't be more pleased.

Vullo passed his CERF (eye tested) with no problems and was very happy to meet all the people.
Glow passed her CERF for the third time which is excellent news!
Inky was finally old enough to have her heart tested officially and is now OFA Cardiac Normal by a cardiologist.
Spanky went in for her first test.  Passed her CERF test as well!  She was so great at the vet in the waiting area with all the other people and dogs she just layed down. 
Arya and Nika stopped in with their owners to get their microchips implanted.

It was a busy day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Puppy update

The puppies are growing fast and love to play.  They started their fifth week on Monday.  I have posted photos on our Facebook account.  You don't need a Facebook account to see them.  Just search PrideNJoyz Cane Corso Facebook.  Depending on the weather, I will try to get some new pictures this weekend.  With it being so hot and humid, it has been difficult to get the little ones outside safely.   

No dog shows planned in the future for the other dogs but, we will be working on Inky and Vullo's CGC and finished Glow's Rally Novice title in the next few months.

Inky and Wally successfully passed their basic obedience class at Y2K9s last week as well! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wrightstown PA dog show on June 3rd

It was a big day...Vullo's first show in months, Wally's second show and Crickett's first dog show.  Out in Canada, it was Brinks first show weekend too!

Vullo took Best of Opposite under judge Ron Rock and defeated two other champion males for a 5 point major towards his Grand Championship!

Wally moved excellent in the ring but he needs time to grow to compete with the older dogs.  We are still extremely proud of him.

Crickett without any prior show training really impressed the judge.  AKC Judge Ron Pock gave her Winners Bitch for her first AKC point and she defeated Wally for Best of Breed puppy.  She went on tot he group ring and ended up with a Group 4 placement in the Puppy Working Group!  She really seemed to enjoy it and her parents were beaming from ear to ear.

Brinks did great brought home the Best of Breed Puppy each day and took home the Best of Breed ribbon one day too!  Way to go Brinks and Jolayne!

Update on the puppies:  They are doing great and growing so fast.  We should be seeing some ears opening soon.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little fireflies are here!

We are happy to announce the birth of 5 beautiful female puppies and 1 gorgeous male puppy from Fuoco x Glow on Memorial Day 2012!

This little girl has her daddy's color.

I am not a blogger

As it turns out...I am not a blogger.  I can't seem to remember to update my blogs so I apologize in advance.  A lot has been going on..

PrideNJoyz No Autographs Please aka Wally had his first AKC and showed great!  No ribbons but we were only hoping for a nice positive experience. 

Fuoco went back to Italy but, not before becoming an AKC Champion, passing his OFA cardiac and his CERF!  I believe he is the first and only Corso in Italy with an AKC Championship and any cardiac and eye testing!  He is such a sweet boy and we miss him already.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Upcoming Litter 2012

More exciting news!

Alessandro Bigozzi of I Corsi dell Nevaia in Italy has agreed to let us bring multiple champion Fuoco della Nevaia to USA!  Fuoco will be bred to Glow this spring/summer.  We will be taking limited deposits on this fantastic combination!

Thank you to Alessandro for trusting us with this exceptional Cane Corso and thank you to Robert Giannuli for helping to bring Fuoco to USA!

CCAA Bitch of the Year 2011

We are happy to announce that Glow has been awarded 2011 CCAA Bitch of the Year!!!

A great 2011

2011 was a fantastic year for PrideNJoyz Cane Corso!  Glow had another outstanding show year and welcomed two beautiful puppies into this world, Wally and Inky.

Aria brought us four additional fantastic puppies as well!

Glow just missed being #1 female again for 2011 but, we are just as happy with her ending her show career at #2 female and in the top 10 for 2011. 

All the puppies are growing up and turning out to be some fine examples of the breed and we can't wait to see them in the show ring and in the rally ring.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Puppies are here!

On October 31st, we welcome four beautiful puppies into this world from Aria and Saggio.  2 females and 2 males.  They are all grey/grey brindle and gorgeous!

On November 9th, we welcomed two huge babies from Glow x Xerxes.  One black brindle female and one formentino male!

Check back for pictures!